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"Jessica Latouche - love at first sight for the opera",  Portrait in the Opera - Revue Québécoise d'Art Lyrique, April 2020

" Jessica Latouche, a soprano with the wind in her sails ", Portrait in the newspaper Le Fil, July 2019

"[...] the splendid voice of Jessica Latouche draws attention to the secondary character of Anna." - Louis Bilodeau, Avant-scène Opéra, May 2019 ( Nabucco , G. Verdi, Opéra de Québec, Giuseppe Grazioli, conductor, Michael Cavanagh, Stage director)

"The soprano Jessica Latouche, who, in the role of Anna, made her debut at the Opéra de Québec, made a good impression with powerful harmonics at the end of the first act and a beautiful dramatic intensity on the stage."  - Yves Leclerc, Journal de Québec, May 2019 ( Nabucco , G. Verdi, Opéra de Québec, Giuseppe Grazioli, conductor, Michael Cavanagh, Stage director)

“[...] Alain Coulombe, as High Priest of Belos, and Jessica Latouche, as sister of Zaccharia, offer a lively and fair performance - a pity that we see them so little. »- Josiane Desloges, newspaper le Soleil, May 2019 ( Nabucco , G. Verdi, Opéra de Québec, Giuseppe Grazioli, conductor, Michael Cavanagh, Stage director)

“After intermission, the OSQ Chorus joined the orchestra to present two psalms that are rarely encountered on concert programs. The first was Psalm CXXXVI of  Gabriel Fauré  (“Super flumina Babylonis”). [...] The piece also calls for three soloists; particularly effective was Jessica Latouche for her bright and clear soprano. " - Philipe Nones, Bachtrack, May 2019 (Concert  "A singer with the orchestra", Orchester symphonique de Québec, Fabien Gabel, conductor)

“[...] Then the soprano and doctoral student in singing performance Jessica Latouche entered the scene. With aplomb, in a clear and well-placed voice, she interpreted the Air des bijoux, a well-known aria taken from the opera Faust by Charles Gounod. " - Yvon Larose, Journal Le Fil, November 16, 2018  (C oncert L'OSQ on campus,  Orchester Symphonique de Québec, Thomas Leduc-Moreau, conductor)  

“[...] Whether solo, duet or choir, each performer has performed with an exceptional performance. And among them stood out the soprano Jessica Latouche, as much by the power and the accuracy of her voice as her presence on stage. [...] Not only Jessica Latouche is distinguished by her quality of soprano, but she has a presence on stage remarkable. Even when she's not singing, she is everywhere. A look, a smile, a small nod of the head, she lives on the stage. Not only does she sing, but she plays. ” - Jacques Samson, Retired critic of the newspaper Le Soleil, February 2018 (Concert Viennoiseries Musicales II,  Storms and Passions, February 24, 2018)

“[...] the three guest sopranos revealed different timbre and dramatic personalities, and showed great ease on stage. Appreciable were the refinement and sensitivity of Jessica Latouche, moving in Cio-Cio-San ”- Irène Brisson, revue l'Opéra Winter 2017 (Concert  Verismo,  Storms and Passions, November 2016)

“Jessica Latouche brilliantly fulfilled the secondary role of Clotilde; her voice with a light, fresh and intense timbre touched the audience ”- Josée Fortin, Opéra review Fall 2016, ( Norma , Opéra de Rimouski, Zofia Wislocka, conductor, June 2016)

"Jessica Latouche, clear voice with perfect diction" ... "another sublime moment: the duo Latouche and Mathieu move us in" Under the thick dome "by Lakmé (Delibes). », Bernard Côté, review l'Opéra Fall 2016 (Concert  Hugo Laporte and his friends , FestivalOpéra de St-Eustache, July 2016)

“The evening [of the Orchester Symphonique de Québec] opened with a word from the conductor in residence Nicolas Ellis, who addressed the crowd to introduce Hymn of Hope, a text by Gaston Déry on Finlandia by Sibelius. [...] The text was beautifully sung by Jessica Latouche, soprano and assistant conductor of the OSQ Choir. " - Josianne Desloges, newspaper le Soleil, May 25, 2016 (Creation by  The Hymn of Hope,  Orchester Symphonique de Québec, OSQ Choir, Nicolas Ellis, conductor, May 2016)

"From the highlights of the evening, we retain [...] the power and the richness of the highs of the coloratura soprano Jessica Latouche, one of the winners of the Prix d'Europe 2015" - Irène Brisson, revue l'Opéra winter 2016 (Concert  Egypt at the opera,  Storms and Passions, November 2015)

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